Glam Lounge Artists are experts in creating beauty looks that are tailored to your skin type, facial shape and features. Whether you’re looking for bombshell glamour or fresh and natural, our artists have mastered it all. Every Glam Lounge artist is expertly trained by industry aficionado Diane Aiello.


Red Carpet Makeup

For those times you want to make a show-stopping entrance; we are experts at customizing a look from scratch or recreating your favorite look from Pinterest or a glossy magazine. Take a peek at our gallery for inspo. $125

Add our “Paparazzi Perfect” line-smoothing skin treatment to your makeup application. You’ll look so good you’ll need a bodyguard! + $50




Beauty Insider Makeup Lesson

Our experts will teach you personalized tips and tricks to accentuate your natural beauty. But don’t worry we’re not into complicated steps or big routines, we’re all about easy and practical. We’ll even help de- clutter that makeup bag and leave you with a list of recommended products.  $150


Glam Girl 101

The same great tips and techniques we share in our Beauty Insider lesson are made age appropriate for a group of teens ages 11-16 years old  

 $75 per person  minimum of 4